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Its about a girl who dresses in her brothers clothes to enter a brothel. She knows oneof the girls in the brothel and they hide her in a room. She ddiscovers a mirror that allows her to see into the room without being caught. She then witnesses a sexual encounter with a very hot male and a working girl. Somehow she is found out and the hot guy takes her over his knee believing she is a boy and spanks her until she passed out.

When she wakes up she is found out. She continued to visit the brpthel in hopes of seeing the guy again. Aug 15, , 6: Hi everyone, i'm looking for a historical romance about Russian prince who has an affair with a mistreated married woman. The prince also gets the woman pregnant very early on in the book. Please help me find this book or share ideas on what you think the book might be, it's driving me crazy.

Aug 17, , Ok I read this book about 7 years ago and haven't been able to find it since. It was set in Ireland or Scotland. The main character was a woman who was in a shipwreck and lost her memory. A local lord found her and was very suspicious of her at first, I believe that until they found out her real name they called her something like marguerite or similar.

Any way her father was a laird or something like that and was fighting with the man who found her. That's really all I remember. I would love to find this book, thanks for all your help. Aug 19, , 3: Looking for a book I read maybe 10 years ago or less. Setting is a restaurant young girl as waitress who falls for the owner. He has some strange commitment issues because he has some deep friendship with the cook at the restaurant and when she gets sick he gets married to the cook so she won't die alone. That is how I think I remember it. Any help would be appreciated. Aug 20, , 2: I'm looking for a regency romance where the hero is high status duke?

I think and is a philanthropist. Some misunderstanding occurs and he indirectly leads to the heroine's destitution - after his mother and friends push him to see what's happened to her they've all see and talked with her and offered support but she's refused , he goes and is horrified to see how bad her situation is.

He finds her on the ground where she fell and lost some of her belongings. She then throws up and he thinks she's pregnant I don't remember if she actually was or not. But this is the one scene I remember. I also know the novel was part of a series. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? Aug 24, , 7: Hey, I'm looking for a few books. An older fantasy romance that I read like probably 10 years ago. The guy is like a demon or grim reaper named Lucien or something and the woman is named Marian.

There's a scene where she goes through like a hormonal heat phase and another where she is almost attacked by a couple of men. Sorry this is pretty vague. A recent western romance where a drifter comes into town and stays at a boarding house and eventually falls in love with the woman who runs it. And he's hiding his past because he used to live in that town, but there was an accident or something that killed his brother and now his parents think that both he and his brother are dead.

A girl meets a boy but then he is murdered by a woman who is a witch? And then over books, the girl becomes a witch and actually learns the boy was bad. I kind of maybe remember a floral cover and maybe seasonal names. She had the gift of a green thumb. A group of teenagers are chosen to be avatars of ancient gods and are fated to battle.

Aug 27, , 9: Aug 28, , 2: How long ago do you think this book was published? Sep 2, , 3: Ok so I've been searching for a couple of books for several years and haven't had ANY luck. Historical romance set in the American Civil War era. Female lead runs away from home when her stepfather I think tries to get with her and when she rejects his advances, accuses her of seducing him and her mother takes his side. She ends up on a train in the middle of the night that just so happens to have a POW from the opposing side on it.

They end up going through all kinds of stuff including her being kidnapped and enslaved by some crazy big guy who tries to rape her and with the help of a friend she made crazy guys daughter if I remember correctly she kills him and escapes down a river somehow meeting back up with POW train guy. Second one is a bit more vague in my memory. If I'm not mistaken a portion of it takes place on a ship before it crashes and the couple washes up on an island that ends up being inhabited with voodoo people who make them at home in a super nice house on the beach before trying to take over the mans mind.

He either fights it off or the female lead saves him. The second one might actually be a mash up of two books that I just got mixed together so no biggie if no one recognizes it, but I would be ecstatic if someone could put a name to the first one. Sep 3, , They get married before they even meet in person. Sep 4, , 8: I am looking for a book I read with in the last ten years. Sorry I know that doesn't narrow it down very much. The book is about hero having to please his dying grandfather by finding a wife.

He is traveling and sees a very heavily pregnant woman feeding livestock near a small cottage. She goes into labor he assists her and then asks her to pretend to be his wife to please his grandfather.

Sorry, we did not find any matches for this search.

Ugh I wish I could remember the author. Sep 8, , 4: New to the site and the group. I'm looking for an older romance novel. I cannot remember the title or the author of the book. But it goes as such A Norse Shield-Maiden and her two younger sisters are forced to marry the men of an opposing clan to avoid war, or to avoid starvation.

The two younger sisters protest as heartily as their big sister at first but being more feminine give in easily to their suitors. The Eldest brother and Warrior has a heck of a time seducing his woman, having first to beat her in combat among a few other things. The second one is also about Norse men, a woman's village is raided by a man and his family of vikings. She is raped by his cousin while he picks her up to sell her he ends up not being able to, he is determined only to make her a slave but finds that her worth elevates her status to a more respectable level and having tried before to not fall for her falls as he sees both her kindness and knowledge.

They eventually get pregnant and make their way to a new land to raise their family away from the violence and strife of their homelands. I may remember more but I had borrowed these books from a friend in middle school whom got them from her older aunt. Books were from the early 90's and before. Sep 12, , 6: Hello, I'm new to this but I'm looking for a book I read months ago with this plot: It's a historical romance maybe set in the 's where the heroine is either in college or finishing school.

For some reason she ends up going into a brothel and the hero mistakes her for a prostitute. The heroine runs out of the brothel and the hero searches for her. He has a lot of money and has people trying to find her but he doesn't know her name. For some reason the heroine doesn't go home for her school break and when the hero does find her he takes her to a house he had rented so he can seduce her.

They end up falling in love. Any help would be great, thanks! Sep 15, , 2: Girl on the run. Finds work on a run down farm. The horses were neglected before she got there. The hero is a sheriff I think, who wants to seize the neglected horses. That's all I can remember. Sep 15, , I actually just joined this site in hopes that one of you could help me with my search for a book that I read as a sample at the back of a novella in The story is around a woman who is either trained because she is an assassin or a hunter.

She does kill people either way! Her name is a play on Little Red Riding Hood. Possibly Red, Ruby, Scarlet, Hood, etc. The story takes place quite a long time ago I'm assuming in the s. The only detail that I really remember is that the main character has to go to a village to save some werewolves that are locked in a cage. I'm sorry if this isn't a lot of information to go off of but I hope to be hearing from someone soon.

Sep 15, , 9: Hi All, a long shot -novel possibly published early to late 90s or very early Story set s French Revolution. Early in the story she saves a handsome man from drowning, takes him back to the tavern and nurses him back to health. Think he'd injured his leg or bump on the head - shipwreak or someone tried to kill him can't recall that part. She's very fiesty and opinionated and he's a tall dark muscular stand offish snob who only wants to get to France to save his "brother?

Oct 5, , Here's what I remember about the book I'm searching for: Set in modern day and is part of an anthology though I think a couple of the other stories were historical 2. A wealthy heiress is in danger and needs to stay safe until she reaches a certain age or gets married, whatever happens first. The heiress has an uncle that is kind of silly and nice, but will benefit the most if she dies. The heiress is extremely close to her grandfather, who is actually her step-grandfather, and it is really him who is trying to have her killed. It could possibly be a part of a Christmas anthology. I know it takes place during the winter, and it's possible they made their agreement to get married at a fund-raiser party during Christmas.

Oct 7, , Can someone help me find a book please? I read it about 10 years ago. It was paperback with a green cover, maybe with a tree on it. It's a romance novel. The story switches between the present and the past. Somewhere at the start the woman goes to meet a guy on a boat. I think that triggers the love story in the past. I can't remember how the book ends. It's not much to go on but hopefully someone can help me. Oct 8, , I am trying to find a romance novel that I read a few years ago but I have no idea how old it was. The main character was trying to prove to her overbearing brother's that she was not flighty or silly and was serious about her new profession as an interior decorator.

Her brothers--who along with their best friend--were contractors. Their business is in trouble because they sunk all of their money into a golf course and it seems like someone was trying to sabotage them. But they say she can decorate the model home I think it was the model. They ask the best friend main guy to watch out for their sister. The best friend thinks the main character can do it but he tries to stay away from her because he is attracted to her and doesn't want to get involved.

He thinks he owes her brothers since he came from the wrong side of the track. Of course they get together. I remember the main character has a jerk of an ex boyfriend. The main character's parents are dead. It's just her and her brothers and the parents have some "secrets" none of them want to tell each other about. The main guy also says she can decorate his home--which he is building on the golf course. I know there is a second in the series with one of the brother's and the main female from this one's best friend.

I just cannot remember the name or author! Oct 14, , 6: New to all of this but like most everyone here I'm looking for a book I read probably 10 years ago: I think he pretends to try and steal her purse or something and she pulls a shotgun on him. He asks her to help him find his sister who we later find out has been kidnapped and sold as a sex slave to someone in the Middle East.

They end up going undercover and she intentionally gets kidnapped from a casino I think. The hero flies to where the slave auction will be taking place it's their plan for him to buy her and they see each other again after a week or so. She gets taken up to the auction block, nude, and the hero is stunned by how beautiful she is.. Almost misses out on buying her..

Craziness ensues, they locate the sister, make contact with her, kidnap her back and make a mad dash to a waiting plane which flies them back to the states.. I cannot remember what happens next but of course in the end they live happily ever after If anyone can give me any ideas as to the title or author I would be ever so greatful! Oct 19, , 6: Please help - I'm trying to remember a book about an actress Jennifer? I think she has a child a little girl called Krista?

In addition the book might also have had a secondary romance between a film producer female and her chauffeur. I can remember a scene in the book where she pulls the chauffeur into her car near the end of the book. If anyone knows this book or either or these books please let me know. Ta very much, Steph. Oct 20, , I have been looking for these two books for about ten years now. The first book I bought at a used book store. I believe it is set during the medievil times. A woman was glove wedded to a man she had never met. He is very rich. His estates are near a convent and a group of mooks that help priest when problems come up.

A young handsome priest seducises the young wife that still has not met her husband. She becomes pregnant and the priest leaves promising to write when he finds a place for them both that is safe. The husband eventually walks in and sees his wife is very pregnant. I think he says something like "and who has had the pleasure". After the baby is born the husband takes it into town to show her off and she catches a cold.

In the end the couple makes up. This is all I can remember. I hope someone knows this book. Oct 22, , 6: I really hope someone can help me here! I've been tring to figure this out for years! I read the start of this book via Amazon around and told myself id go back and buy it later but when i went back it had disapeared: I thought it wes called "unbound" or something simmilar But they didnt want to grow up or be separated and she ended up watching the boys have sex near a river and then joined them and they decided to run away together??

I think well the running away together part, they definatley had the threesome. Anyway i hope this rings a bell with someone!! Oct 22, , 8: Beltane Fire Morgan Honeyman i was totally wrong on the cover thanks anyway! Oct 24, , 2: Nov 16, , 2: Hi all, I've been looking for this book for years, and I cant for the life for me rmb the name of the book!! It's a contemporary romance about a couple that has been separated or divorced, can't rmb which and they have a son who stays with the mum. He comes back one day for some reason and they start the relationship again.

He tries to reconnect with her son, and one time he, the son and the mum went on outing on a boat.

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Her shirt gets wet and he gave her his shirt. In the end, after he got back together with the mum, she said after he left she was so angry that she threw her wedding ring into the river. Also the story seems like it could be by Lori Foster. Any help is highly appreciated! Nov 28, , 5: Dec 15, , 9: I would really appreciate if someone can tell me the title of this historical novel I read a few years back. I do not remember the author nor the characters name unfortunately. Here is some of the big details from the story. A The hero is a lord I am not sure if he was a duke, Earl etc B The hero was previously married to an unfaithful wife who supposedly killed herself but we later find out that she was killed by her lover whose baby she was carrying.

C Beginning novel we see The hero asking the heroine's grandparent for their daughter's hand in marriageWhich he automatically just assumes that the girl will accept because he is her last option to marry. D But the girl refuses his proposal without accepting her condition which is for him not to share her bed for either 6 or 3 months I for got exactly how much. I believe she gave him 3 conditions total. E And the heroine is already in love with the hero because he was nice to her a few years back and asked her to dance at a ball. F the heroine's sister died suicide I believe So there is this gentleman's ring the heroine ALWAYS carries around The hero also owns the same ring and is part of the same club of the sister's boyfriend-the man the sister killed herself for.

The heroine wants to go to London so that she can investigate her sister's murder. Basically the sister's suicide and the ex's wife suicide are related to this guy that the hero is acquainted with and absolutely despisesHe was one of his ex wife's MANY lovers. Dec 16, , 5: For dark and enigmatic Julian, Earl of Ravenwood, was a man with a legendary temper and a first wife whose mysterious death would not be forgotten.

Some said the beautiful Lady Ravenwood had drowned herself in the black, murky waters of Ravenwood Pond. Others whispered of foul play and the devil's wrath. Now country-bred Sophy Dorring is about to become Ravenwood's new bride. Drawn to his masculine strength and the glitter of desire that burned in his emerald eyes, the tawny-haired lass had her own reasons for agreeing to a marriage of convenience. One was vengeance, and in its pursuit she would entangle Julian in a blackmail plot, a duel at dawn, and a dangerous masquerade. The other reason was dearer to her heart, but just as wild a quest: Sophy Dorring intended to teach the devil to love again.

Dec 16, , 4: Ravenwood was the damn name that for the life of me I could not think of. And how on earth did I forget my favorite character's name; Sophy.. Dec 16, , I am looking for book I think was published in the 80's. I read it 12 years ago, but it was my moms who had had it for a while. It was set in the Victorian era I think, the main characters had separate rooms.

I only remember the beginning. The girl was running from something and ends up climbing through the window of an inn and falling asleep on the bed. The man has purchased the room for the night. When he enters he thinks she is a gift from someone he was talking with while having his dinner. She allows him to touch her because she thinks she is dreaming. They are discovered before much happens, but he is told he must marry her and agrees.

Beyond that the only other thing I remember is he has a nickname that came from his battle experience and he has a sister or sister in law that is a main supporting character of the story. And if I remember correctly he gambles I think the title had midnight in it, but I'm not sure of that.

Dec 17, , 5: Hello one and all, I have been looking for a book for the past 3 months and cannot find it whatsoever. It's a historical romance about a girl who went unwillingly with her friend to a witch like woman's house to get a talisman for her friend to catch this Duke or count of her dreams.

Now the witch lady tells the unwilling friend to place her finger on the talisman an she pricks her finger on it. Then the witch or sorceress gives instructions to the willing friend. But the willing friend doesn't want to hold it an tells the unwilling friend to give it to her at some ball they were both supposed to attend. When the willing friend sees the man she wants she runs off to freshen up. While the unwilling friend walks to the balcony to get fresh air.

The guy sees her go alone, follows her an sees her take the talisman out and is instantly curious he wants to see it closely but she tries to hide it again, they struggle with it an both of them touch it resulting in her losing her virginity that night. I also remember him being from another land because he has a mishap with her pernounciation of salt in his language.

If anyone has any clue please help.

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Google and Amazon are giving me runaround! Dec 22, , 7: The book starts with the heroine throwing clothes and other items out the hotel window because she thought her friend ripped her off. She was working on a history textbook and had just gotten a deal that she thought he hijacked he didn't. In the meanwhile, the heroine drives to her new job arriving a few days early and in the rain where she falls for her boss.

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He owns some sort of training facility that teaches medieval fighting and such and she's employed to teach them about the history and assist in weapons preparation. This book should be contemporary romance. I also remember that at one point the heroine almost drove through the hero's wooden gates because they were locked and she wanted to leave hastily. Any information is appreciated as I read it in and have been looking for it since. Dec 30, , Looking for a romance novel that it is set in the U. A man puts out an ad looking for a woman not sure if he was searching for a bride who has had at least one child proof that she is not barren as he wishes to sire an heir.

I think this ad was placed in New York. The woman he chooses deceives him into thinking that she is a widow and he believes her little sister is actually her daughter. The ad promised lots of money and she and her sister were in desperate need. Once they get on a train to head west to his ranch in Wyoming or some such state, he finds out in his privately owned car his new lady was not experienced as he had thought. I do remember that the train had to stop for buffalo or bison crossing. Jan 3, , 8: I'm looking for a book a read a long time ago.

I believe it is a Harlequin romance. It's about this girl and her neighbor who appears to be a womanizer. I think he volunteers to give her dating pointers or something, but she doesn't think he can concentrate on just one woman. I can't remember how it ends, but I know they have the same last name. Any tidbits would be appreciated. Jan 3, , 9: I'm looking for a book I read ears ago. Woman wakes up next to a stranger with a new face because he wants to get his wifes family off his back over his wifes disappearance. The mother is crazy about removing every hair from her body and her brother knows it's not the real wife because the woman is too nice.

Turns out she is an illegitimate child of the mother. Jan 3, , I just joined because I've been wracking my brain, and slogging through the internet, but I cannot remember what this book was. Lords and ladies and corsets and whatnot. I think there may have been some themes of control or dominance, but it wasn't over the top. Jan 4, , 7: Looking to see if anyone can help me find the title or author for a book I read about 20 years ago. It's been going around in my head for days and is driving me a little crazy. Futuristic Earth where there is timed showers and sidewalk excaltors.

A woman is deported from Earth for going to a "gov't rebellion" meeting 1 time to a colony established on another planet. She is transported on a spaceship where she is told she will have to marry as soon as she lands or become a lover of one of the male settlers for housing. On the spaceship, she learns some self-defense from the one guy she interacts with a lot. As they land on the planet, she picks the guy she spent most of her time with to marry even though she doesn't know he can turn her down since he was the first born on this planet and it gives him certain privileges.

They marry one the first day she is on the planet and then he takes her home. Please let me know if anyone can think of the title or even author. Jan 11, , 6: Just joined the group and am hoping someone can help me! I must have read this book around 15 years ago, so it's at least as old as that, if not more. It's set in "the olden days". The heroine lives in a cabin the forest, I think with her father and maybe an aunt-type person? She's quite young, very headstrong and gets into trouble a lot. One night I think she is trying to run away and comes across a man in the bushes - I can't really remember why he is there he may be a thief.

Anyway, she convinces him to let her go with him wherever he is going - I think he eventually agrees to take her as far as a city. On the way they get ambushed; she is sold to a house where she becomes a slave I remember something about her cleaning the house, I think the person she works for is a doctor of some description. The hero is working in the mines.

Something happens which allows her to escape, she also rescues the hero and they escape into the mountains. He is badly injured so she nurses him back to health and they fall in love. Whilst they're on the mountain he teaches her to fish. He takes her back home and promises that he will come back for her. The hero does come back for her and it's happily ever after!

Romance books: All time favorites

Feb 29, , Jan 19, , 3: I'm looking for a Harlequin from the 's. I only recall the vaguest of details The hero is a military pilot and the story is about a son he didn't know existed, I think, there's definitely a young son in the story. The hero really likes Walt Whitman. Jan 19, , I am looking for a historical romance, I believe set in America. There are a group of four brothers that work the farm during the day and taken to highway robbery at night in order make ends meet. There is a girl working for them I think in the house and she discovers their secret. She and the oldest brother have developed a relationship and are in love.

She begins riding out with them, against their wishes and they become quite sucessful. One night things go wrong, her love has been shot and she thinks he is dying, she gets captured and is blackmailed to remain with her captor to protect the brothers from prosecution. Hero and Heronie meet and of course things heat up when she refuses to leave with him. Please help if you can, I hope I am remembering this correctly, but it was in the mid-nineties when I read it! It might have even been a part of a series, with this being the first book.

Feb 3, , 7: Hey, I'm looking for a contemporary romance that I read about five maybe six years ago.

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I don't have the best recollection of the names in the book the only thing I can really remember are a few scenes from the book. The main scene I remember is that the book starts out with the heroine who is really shy being afraid of her mom's boyfriend because he's a creepy drunk. One night I don't think her mom is there so the heroine locks her door so he doesn't get into her room.

The boyfriend starts to knock on her door and instead of waiting around for him to do something the heroine sneaks out the window. She then runs over to the hero's house and she ends up losing her virginity to him. They were both young and they both cared for each other. I think they somehow got separated at some point and don't see each other until later on in life when they are a tad bit older. Yet, I'm not entirely certain of this or how they got separated. I just know that the girl never did suffer any abuse from her mom's boyfriend and that there is a happily ever after between the hero and heroine.

I did read this on my kindle when I had one so I don't know if there is a hard copy or not of this book. Any suggestions would be great please. Jan 21, , 3: I'm looking for a romance novel, I usually read Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Johnana Lindsey and others like them but can't remember who wrote this book. Lady is on vacation and meets a man who helps save a dog. She had taken migraine meds and ended up prego but does not tell him. She has a son and takes offer her family restaurant.

The son is kidnapped and she turns to the guy to help pay for the ransom. I think he owns planes or likes flying planes and the son is found who looks just like him and he and the girl get married. Jan 24, , Hi all, new here but really wanting to reread a book I read around 15 years ago. It probably from the early to mid 90's Historical Romance. The Heroin is named Margaret or Meg. The hero is from a titled family but they have a genetic issue. They have club foot or hair lip children. The hero's father married several times but the hero is the only child born without a defect.

All his other siblings and half siblings were killed soon after birth by his father. The heroin was a ward of their family and was a blonde girl when the hero left the home. Years later he meets her again but she is now brunette and his father's widow. He doesn't know who she is at first. His father tried killing her and she fought back and killed him. The hero's uncle is determined to convict her for murder though. This is set in England I want to say 's but not sure on that. The hero is also a highway man or similar- he rejected his family and hasn't contacted any of them since his mother's death.

He only discovers that Meg, this woman he rescued bleeding and is in love with, is Margaret after his uncle convinced him to investigate his father's "murder". His uncle has a club foot. I want to say at one point they are in newgate prison towards the beginning. Meg had a baby and that is how the story begins. The hero's father sees the newborn is disfigured and kills him and then turns to kill Meg. If anyone knows this novel please let me know. Thanks Cp Decided to repost this here as it seems more active-been looking for months now.

Jan 24, , 1: This is by Judith McNaught. I think it is Every Breath You Take but it might be one of her other contemporaries. Jan 24, , 2: Feb 6, , 2: Hi I'm new to this website. I'm looking for a young adult romance book about a girl that lives next door to a childhood friend. She was already friends with a boy and he later is killed. At first the girl and her new neighbor hate each other. Then they fall in love. He is then sent away to a military school or something after the girl is almost raped by one of her moms boyfriends.

While he's away the girl is tricked by his did and he rapes her and tied her up. The boys mom is in a wheelchair. After she reports it she moves away and she works in a tattoo shop. Her boyfriend is a drug dealer or something and he's plotting to kill her. He hires the guy that was her childhood friend who is an undercover cop to kill her. Then they end up together. The author apparently based it off of actual events that happened to her. This was a great book and I have no clue what it's called or who wrote it. Can anyone help me?

Mar 11, , 9: Book 1 The heroine was "dumped" by her husband after he came home to find her totally out of it in their bed room and everything seemed like she had been entertaining a lover as there were champagne glasses, the bed was messed up etc. I think it was the hero's brother or cousin or something like that who informed and also who'd set up the charade the husband to come home. The hero took their child I think it's a young boy with him to Italy or Greece maybe? Then he's totally surprised because opposite to what he's been told by his brother, the heroine is a really good and caring mother etc.

I found out the title of book 1! I'm leaving this here for others who might eventually look for the book but not remember the title or author. Another book I'm looking for this: But he wants her to act horribly so that his family will be glad, if he breaks it up and stays solo instead of having such an awful woman. I believe the books were published somewhen between and The first one had lots of red on the cover, if I'm not wrong. Both were not historical romances and I think they both involved foreign guy heros from Italy, Greece or Spain or something like that.

Feb 22, , 5: An arranged marriage, guy was rough, heroine was young and beautiful I believe from the states. The h's mother advised her to never show passion in marital bed. I remember a scene after the consummation of the wedding, she cries and H smashes a glass. Think they were traveling on a train. The book had a happy ending. Feb 22, , 8: This sounds like it's Dark of the Moon by Karen Robards. It's not set in America, but the other details sound right. Mar 12, , 7: I want to find this book I once saw in the library some 5 years ago, can't remember the title only the synopsis.

It was set in the Americas where the heroine was a slave or a prisoner of some sort of the Native Americans. Anyways I think she was captured at a young age because she didn't know a word of English. Maybe The hero bought her and then he married her. He consummated the marriage and took her to England and brought her in front of his father as a way of exacting revenge by not marrying someone of noble blood. And then he left England, meanwhile the hero's father took pity and trained his daughter in law on the ways of being a lady.

The hero then returns some years later and finds a different women i the form of his wife and he also ones out that he has twins. If anyone has any idea about this book please do let me know. Mar 14, , 3: I am so despite to find this one book I have looked for years for. I read it once at the library when I was a teenager and can't find it. I only remember the story. The girl is a train robber in a gang made up of her family. She get caught by the sheriff who brings her in not knowing she is a woman because she always dressed like a young man.

When he finds out he is a she, he know he can not punish her for the crimes with a hanging. So he brings her home and ends up sleeping with her. He feels so guilty that he slept with her when she was under his protection he need to marry her to make it right. But she refuses so he forced her with a shotgun wedding. As she becomes more and more part of the community she falls in love with her husband. But Thrn one of her brothers is caught I think because they were attempting to save her and he faces being hung for his crimes.

Her loyalties are torn between her new husband who she is starting to fall for and her family who she loves. Please this book was so good and I love to re read my favorite books. It has haunted me for a long while. Mar 20, , 9: I'm hoping someone can please help?!?! It's about a guy who is in a relationship with a woman who he thinks is well experienced in playing around, not true she is love with him, but gives him what she thinks he wants, ie a mistress rather than permanency. Any help at all with this will be greatly appreciated!

Mar 21, , 7: Ryan married Venetia's cousin Elizabeth: Her response to him was frightening Venetia had felt desire before. Such a disastrous marriage that she felt she wanted never to experience desire again. And she hadn't--until now. Ryan Fraine, famous documentary filmmaker, was in New Zealand to set up a new television station. From the moment they met, Venetia, herself a TV reporter, knew this man could make her suffer as she never had before.

So she shied away from his blazing sensuality. Yet there was something else, something in the very core of her soul that wouldn't permit escape Mar 27, , Mar 28, , 4: I really hope someone here can help me find this book, I've been hunting for nearly 10 years! I don't know the title or author, but the book was about a girl maybe 17? In the book her parents hate the husband, and her mom is always telling her how horrible married life is, and how awful sex will be. The husband is a sailor, I think he was a captain. At one point in the book the girl sets a fire in the cabin because she thinks the grates are for a fireplace.

It is a romantic novel. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Mar 29, , 8: I read a trilogy last year and i can't remember its name or the name of the first book. I would be really grateful if someone helps me to find the name of the book trilogy or the name of the author. The book starts with the heroine meeting again with the hero after years he was in prison during this time.

He thinks that she is guilty for putting him in jail and wants to get even. They sleep together the heroine was a virgin ,then he acts vengeful to her and leaves her ashamed. Later she realises that is pregnant and contacts the hero. He strongly refuses to recognise the child but deep down knows that is his child. Now he is engaged to another woman but neither of them love each other.

Heroine gives birth to a healthy boy into the hero's house with the support of his mother and fiancee. She asks him if he wants to know the child but he strongly refuses and ejects her and the boy out his house. In the second book he tries to reconnect with his son and the heroine and the story goes on.

Thank you for your attention! Apr 5, , I am so happy to find this! I am looking for the title of this historical regency romance novel that has been driving me insane for a year!!!! Heroine loves Hero since she was a small girl. Hero is Heroines' brother's BF. Hero visits Heroine's brother's home. Heroine walks into Hero's room and he was undressed. He was expecting a courtesan paying him a visit, instead walks in the Heroine. That is all I remembered. Apr 10, , 4: Looking for a book but can only remember part of the ending a woman was kidnaped by a man who thought he loved her and told her as soon as she delivered the baby she was carrying he was going to sell it to a nice couple he had already located then he was going to impregnate her and they would have many babies together un beknown to him she had already started labour and refused to show it to give her husband she loved time to find them.

I think i remember something about a black market baby selling scheme. I am posting this everywhere so i can find it. Apr 10, , 8: Hey, I have this novel that I loved so much when I was younger. The cover was dark from what I recall. It started out talking about how cold it was and describing the setting in the middle of the night. Then the next thing I remember is the main female character and the main guy are on their way to her place to grab some of her stuff and her little brother so she can run away with him on a train to somewhere o believe in Russia.

He ended up taking her virginity on the train. She stays with him with her brother. He calls her "Dushka. Her captures gave her something to make her all lethargic and compliant to what they did. But her guy had come in time. But he had to watch them tease her but in the end somehow got her back.

From what I perceived trains were still a new thing so this has to be set back over a hundred years. Setting is in California vineyards. She got jilted by him because her dad asked him to. He's now wealthy, she now owns her family's vineyard but she thinks she will have to sell it. They reminisce about the past; nights where she would sneak up to his sleeping spot and they would make love. It's a short novel, contemporary. I remember the author describing her in her red sweater and pants.

Apr 12, , 1: Hi everyone, new to this site and this group. Hope someone can help. Not sure when it was published. This book charts the romance of two secondary characters from a previous novel The Marriage List. It is a fabulous book. Despite the "sexy" moniker, this book is actually not smutty at all. There is 1 sex scene that was absolutely delicious and 1 other scene which did not involve sex but pretty much everything else. The erotic blended with the romance in a completely believable way.

Name That Book cont. Part II

It was very well-written. The characters are excellent as well. I am intrigued by Lillian and would like to read her story. Lady Iona is an untouchable paragon, or so she seems. In reality her cold, perfect exterior hides a passionate inner self that longs to break free. After helping her friend in romance and meeting Lord Wynters, Iona's staid existence is no longer enough. A chance meeting in Bath with Lord Wynters gives Iona the perfect ploy to break out of her overly obedient and dutiful life: Nathan, Lord Wynters, wants to put some polish on his blackened reputation in an effort to seal the life-long breach between him and the rest of his family.

A respectable marriage should do the trick and who should he find staying in Bath, the lovely Lady Iona, a woman he had fallen in love with once and foolishly chased across the country only to be disappointed. Her reputation is more sterling than silver, she is gorgeous, and they were friends once; she's perfect. This story is more tragic than comic but it has its moments of levity. I greatly admire Iona's strength of character in the face of losing everything she held dear and of course, Nathan's unrequited love and passion and refusal to admit defeat - refreshing for a hero.

Very highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers. I downloaded Lady Iona's Rebellion free from Amazon a couple of days ago, and it's the story of Lord Nathan, who has a very bad reputation, and Lady Iona, who is the perfect lady. Nathan's plan is to win Iona's heart, and that way earn a better reputation and his family's respect, but Iona wants the exact opposite, she wants passion and freedom. It's a game where none of them are going to win.

Nathan wants to protect her, even from himself, and Iona is starting to fall in love with him, but is he also in love with her? It was a passionate romance, sexy sometimes. Nathan and Iona were the perfect couple but sometimes too insecure, which gave the story some twists before having their HEA. But I didn't like Nathan's family, specially his brother and father, and I wanted Nathan to be stronger, he apparently had a strong character but with them he always was very soft and let them offend him.

Overall, I enjoyed Lady Iona's Rebellion, it's a good choice if you want to read historical romance. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I had high hopes for the story line, it was a novel approach and I enjoyed reading a romance from this time period set in Bath rather than in London. The main characters are engaging and the writing style is well done.

But then the frustrations start. First of all, Lady Iona is downright awful at anything approaching communication. She lets her family shut her up all the time, even when her very happiness depends on it. And then she constantly thinks about telling Nathan the truth about her father's plan to engage her to her cousin, but she never actually brings it up.

It takes her forever to explain to him why she won't marry him. And then once he insists on the marriage, even after he's told her how impressed he is with her artwork and how he'll support her in the endeavor, she immediately starts assuming that he'll crush the happiness out of her and not let her do the things she wants to do.

I have NO idea where she got that idea, and she never even asks him about it! I'm not really sure who she was rebelling against Not that Nathan's much better at communication, but at least he tries to talk to HER even if he doesn't clear up things with his family - not that they're listening to him anyway. She's also more than a little bit selfish, but even once she realizes that she's behaving selfishly, she doesn't stop!

And she behaves more than a little recklessly, putting herself in danger in ways that IF she truly had spent time helping women of the lower classes like she says she does, then she would know better.

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I understand wanting to make her seem innocent and naive, but in a lot of the situations she goes way too far and it just becomes ludicrous. And then we have the ridiculous about turn of her family. Not only did her mother warn off Nathan from her - long before he had truly become a rake, and we never get a real explanation for that Why on earth does her father suddenly believe Nathan's accounting of events?

There is a good story within this book, unfortunately it's hampered by way too many obstacles which bog down the plot line, an overabundance of bad communication between characters to the point where I almost put the book down because they were annoying me so much with their ridiculousness , and ludicrous turn-arounds from several of the side characters who suddenly start behaving supportive without any explained motivation.

That being said; I did adore Lord Nathan and the end of his story was immensely satisfying. I just wish that Lady Iona and her family hadn't been so ridiculously eye-roll worthy. A sexy and thrilling Regency era novel. Fed up with being the obedient daughter of a Duke esp. Despite a few mishaps, naturally Lady Iona falls for Lord Nathan, who also has an motive of his own. I thought this novel was great- full of spunk and steamy romance. I would recommend that the author change the cover back to the original cover as this cover looks cheesy and cheap.

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