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Included 25 patients who continued only on their pre-study medications. The results were statistically analyzed. There was also a significant increase in patient quality of life assessed by the HAQ score for group I and this gain was significantly greater than the gain in the control group. Both Acupuncture and Homeopathy were effective in reducing pain and improving function of the knee compared to the usual care group but acupuncture was significantly more effective than homeopathy.

Moreover, Acupuncture significantly decreased the knee circumference swelling while homeopathy and usual care did not significantly decrease the swelling. Osteoarthritis OA is the most common type of arthritis in humans.

What happened?

It is a major cause of pain and disability and has significant consequences for public health. The burden of OA is expected to increase not only with aging of the population but particularly those who are aging and suffer from obesity [ 1 ]. The hip and knee are two commonly affected joints, having a significant impact on walking and other daily activities. The prevalence of OA is on the rise, and this trend is expected to continue [ 2 ]. Optimal management of patients with OA emphasizes conservative, nonsurgical strategies, combining non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapies [ 3 ].

Unfortunately, the pharmacologic therapies used in treatment of OA may often cause unwanted and dangerous side effects [ 4 ].

Sports Injuries, Their Treatment by Homoeopathy and Acupressure by Leslie J Speight

Many studies have documented that acupuncture has a beneficial effect when treating many diseases and painful conditions. Therefore acupuncture is proposed to be a useful complementary therapy and may replace generally accepted pharmacological intervention [ 6 ]. It is proposed that acupuncture produces its effects by the conduction of electromagnetic signals at a greater-than-normal rate, thus aiding the activity of pain-killing biochemicals , such as endorphins and immune system cells at specific sites in the body [ 7 ].

The major difference between de- sensitization and Homeopathy is that with homeopathic medicines the substances are used in ultra-high dilutions, which makes them non-toxic [ 10 ]. Homeopathy is frequently tried by individuals with chronic problems such as chronic pain, arthritis, and extensive neurodegenerative diseases [ 11 ]. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of Acupuncture compared with Homeopathy and with the usual conservative treatment analgesics and physiotherapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Seventy five 75 individuals with knee osteoarthritis in one or both knees, diagnosed according to American College of Rheumatology ACR criteria [ 12 ], who had chronic pain for at least 6 months, were eligible to participate in this study. Staging of the knee OA was graded according to Kellgren-Lawrence grade 2 [ 13 ].

After explaining the nature and details of the study, written informed consent was obtained from all subjects who agree to participate in this study. Full medical history and thorough clinical examination general, systemic and musculoskeletal. Special emphasis as given to knee examination and knee circumference. The body mass index BMI: Standard laboratory investigations were done including: Plain X-ray of both knees antro-posterior and lateral views to determine the grade of knee osteoarthritis [ 13 ]. After consent, the patients were randomly assigned to the following group.

Twenty five patients received acupuncture at the standardized acupoint stimulation treatment without electrical stimulation Table 1 and Figure 1. All acupuncture treatments for a given patient were completed by the same physician. The patient was positioned supine with a pillow under both knees, with needles for minutes. The acupuncture needles used for treatment were 3 cm, 30 gauge solid disposable filiform stainless steel.

The depth of needle insertion varied with thickness of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissues at the site of the acupuncture points; it was usually 1 to 1. Manual acupuncture treatment was given for 10 minutes for each site. Twenty five patients received oral doses of homeopathic remedies including: This remedy was concerned specially with patients complained of pain.

These two remedies were concerned specially with patients who complained of stiffness. The original form was in pellets prepared in National Research Centre, the pellets dissolved in ml sterile water.

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The dose is given oral or sublingual of oral solution for 2 weeks, then patients come back for follow up the degree of pain and degree of improvement of knee function, then repeated same dose for another 2 weeks. Patients were not allowed to eat, smoke, and drink tea, coffee, or any food with special flavor half an hour before and after taking the homeopathic drug.

Leslie J Speight

They were not allowed to put the drug in high temperature or in the sun light, and not beside any other drug. All subjects were measured on a standardized test battery. Pain intensity on visual analog scale VAS [ 16 ].

The standardized acupoint stimulation for knee osteoarthritis treatment. Standardized acupoints stimulation treatment Berman et al. Each dependent variable was described mean, SD and range.

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The qualitative variables were described as numbers and percentages. The unpaired t-test was used for pairwise comparisons on the quantitative variables. One way Anova test analysis of the variance was used to compare more than two groups on the quantitative variables. Paired t-tests were used to compare pre-post test change scores on the dependent variables for each group. Seventy-five patients with osteoarthritis were included in the study 61 females and 14 males. Their age ranged from 44 to 57 years.

Twenty six patients with bilateral knee osteoarthritis and twenty three patients with unilateral knee osteoarthritis Table 2. Demographic data of the different studied groups. There were statistically significant gain scores in both the acupuncture and the homeopathy groups as regards: There was also a significant difference regarding the knee circumference in the acupuncture group by paired t-test Table 3.

Comparison between the means of the studied parameters before and after treatment of the studied groups.

Acupuncture versus Homeopathy as a Complementary Therapy in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

In contrast, there was non-significant difference between the three groups regarding the knee circumference by one way ANOVA test Table 4. Comparison between the outcomes of the studied groups at the end of week 6. Analysis of Variance; VAS: There was a statistically significant difference between the studied groups before and after treatment regarding the number of patients using analgesics and the number of patients having tender points Table 5. Comparison between the studied groups before and after treatment regarding the number of patients using analgesics and the number of patients having tender points using the chi square test.

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