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I tell them about children who are sick in hospitals, how some people can lose their jobs and have a hard time finding a new one, and that even some kids in their school might be struggling, too. Recently, we were honored to get 50 toys to donate to our community from a company I work with. I took my kids out of school early and made it a special day for them as well as the charities we donated to!

By making it a memory of fun and love, it leaves them with a sense that donating is a wonderful thing! I took them to the local Boys and Girls club, to a military family toy drive, and to the fire station where they were collecting for kids. I let them lead the way, talking to the staff and unloading the toys. By the time we were done they wanted to go to the store and buy 50 more toys to give away! Not all of us have extras to donate or the money to purchase things to give.

But we all can rearrange our schedules a little to give some time. Just the time it takes to give back a little can make all the difference in the world. Giving time counts and I want them to learn that! You could also invite older children to help you prepare a meal for a local shelter.

2. Adopt a family for the holidays

Giving back is a never ending lesson that should be taught to kids. As long as you are leading the way, teaching them to do so will be natural.

Adopt a family for the holidays Four other moms and I have adopted a family with three kids that have had a really rough year. Be honest I think, as parents, we like to sugar coat what we tell kids about people in need. Make it an event Recently, we were honored to get 50 toys to donate to our community from a company I work with. Teach them that donating time counts Photo by a katz Not all of us have extras to donate or the money to purchase things to give. Warby Parker Promo Code. Volunteer to Serve Thanksgiving Dinner. Giving Back Without Spending a Dime. Gifts That Give Back: Retail Brands That Benefit Society.

When there is a storm, military personnel may be away from home helping others. Help their families by shoveling their driveway.

Get Involved

Bring a casserole or fruit bowl to a neighbor who might appreciate it, or reach out to someone who lives alone. Small acts of kindness can help someone who is having a bad day see the good in the world and help us feel positive about ourselves. Model the following positive behaviors to your child any day of the year. When you pick up your morning coffee, pay for the person behind you in the drive-through.

Drive by the coveted parking space at the front of the store, and let someone who might appreciate it park there. When you stop to pay a toll, throw in an extra dollar for the person in the car behind you.

Charity (Short Film)

Or, add loose change to someone's expired parking meter. Offer to bag your own groceries when the cashier is working alone. Teach your child how to give by giving something priceless—time and energy. Bring the whole family to your church or spiritual center for service and cleanup days.

How to Teach Your Children About Charity: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Volunteer to deliver items or staff the pick-up booth for sports and civic groups in which your child is involved. Volunteer on any day of the year. Use a local volunteer matching service, such as Volunteer Match or Boston Cares , to find projects suitable for your family.

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As a family, pick a local place to volunteer, and make it a family date once a month or whenever possible. Giving away unused and gently used items is a great no-cost way to show your child how to help someone in need. In addition, helping to meet life-saving needs will show your child that we are all important and connected.

Donate clothing that no longer fits your child to local organizations or clothing banks. Drop boxes are now available in many convenient locations, such as grocery store parking lots and along town roads.

How to Teach Kids About Charity During the Holidays

Give old blankets to your local pet shelter. Donate unopened pet supplies, such as pet food, cat litter, training pads, and other necessary pet items. Send your child to school with an extra set of some school supplies, such as pens, pencils, folders, or paper.