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For Gyaros Book Zero: Cry Wolf , because of all the detailed scene descriptions, Carthage becomes real. It was like a burst of caffeine without drinking any coffee. I really enjoyed it.

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My interest was stirred to read Gyaros Book One: The Mice Eat Iron. Alex and I have so much fun building our worlds and characters. Reblogged this on rohan7things and commented: Check out this very cool review of Gyaros: Book Zero — Cry Wolf! Sounds like an interesting read. And it sounds like it reflects our own western culture a bit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Menu Skip to content. No direct links to Amazon or other retailers please. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your links! Please read the rules above carefully! While your book sounds like the type of book that belongs with YAR, we are creating a community of bloggers and authors to support each other and to promote the YA Revolution to others. Direct buy links do not contribute and are considered advertising. Ksenia Anske kseniaanske said: April 13, at 2: This is such a great idea! April 13, at 8: Hi Ksenia, thank you for stopping by.

Darlene Foster has just interviewed me, and she included the badge in the interview, linking it back. April 14, at Eventually, I hope we can do a real directory and various interesting events! Make sure you tweet and FB periodically. April 14, at 6: This is an amazing idea!

I believe in a sense our minds are like computers, what we input determines the output. So projects like this are really necessary and helpful I think. My own novel is being published next month, I would like to include it — it has strong YA elements, as the protagonist is a 17 year old girl, and a lot of it is about her journey to discover the immense power that lies within her.

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April 14, at 8: With introduction like this, you are more than welcome to join YARevolution! My book, The Earth Shifter is also YA crossover, suitable for a very wide audience, early teen through adult. This is the point of our revolution: We want it to be all-inclusive and all-encompassing. Besides, in our day and age, adults love to read YA and teens love to read adult literature.

The point of YARevolution is to give to ALL READERS, teens AND adults, an opportunity to find and enjoy books with meaning and message; such books after reading which they could live with better awareness, knowledge and inspiration, something that will make them think, question, or just open their hearts and minds. Please feel free to list your book on this page when it comes out and best of luck with the release! Please let me know how it goes!

April 15, at 2: Hey Lada, thanks so much. Will check out that link, thanks for passing it on! April 15, at 3: April 16, at 3: Rohan 7 Things said: April 15, at 7: I love everything about this! My non fictions are very much targeted at teens and adults alike with very strong positive, life affirming messages. Gyaros however is aimed at a slightly older market due to the themes and content. Even so it is a story about a man who must keep his humanity intact amid horrible circumstances, and not resort to indecency.

I too hate anything that indulges in senseless violence and cruelty for the sake of it! I will definitely incorporate the movement and the badges into my work and the work of others who I will review and spotlight. I can think of a couple of authors already who would very much fit the theme!

So tell me what you think, can I use the badge for my non fiction works? Or is it YA fiction only? I know for a fact that 14 and 15 year old are reading it though lol, so I dunno. And Alex who co-wrote it with me is still only 17 so I guess it could fit into YA. Let me know what you think, but yes, love the movement and the banners!

I would love to see your non-fiction books here! I think this is what our teens should reading about: Feel free to post the badge, add links and introduction to your books here, in the comment section. YA goes beyond just a narrow age range. I did include Gyaros already by pingbacking your author feature. Check it out in the post: Back to your fiction: Lessons the protagonist learns along the way may be invaluable.

I would include it, but clearly indicate age appropriatness and adult themes disclaimer. YA literature is a broad phenomenon, applicable to readers from early teens to adult. Case in point, the wide appeal of Harry Potter. This is the kind of broad audience I feel a lot of YAR books should appeal to.

While YA is super-popular with both teens and adults, the meaning gets lost somewhere in the frenzy of this popularity. Literature has always served to educate and assist in personal growth, but in our age of profit at any cost, this valuable function, especially in literature for teens — our future — got lost. Thanks for the detailed reply and all the info! That is perfect for Gyaros! There are loads of free articles on how to write a great press release online and how to get them out there.

As well as a very worthy cause I think you have a great angle here too for bringing more publicity to indie and self published YA in particular, but also established writers as well!

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April 16, at 4: Hi Rohan, any additional publicity you can help us with is great! This would be very valuable in helping us promote our books. Does anyone want to help me create and manage it? April 18, at 5: I know some press release wire services are free, others cost.

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April 18, at 4: Oh, yes, please let me know about press releases! Goodreads group is presently on hold, until someone volunteers to manage it that is. April 20, at April 20, at 8: Very nice of you to do this! April 21, at 5: I did my blog post today using the press release I wrote: April 22, at Rohan, the YARevolution post looks great! Thank you for taking the initiative! April 21, at 3: April 21, at 4: I will soon have a proper directory for all of our books. April 22, at 6: April 23, at April 26, at Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?

Please let me know. Of course, you are welcome to share! Thanks for asking and please let me know if you have any questions or any other comments. Barbara Cool Lee said: April 28, at 9: April 29, at 2: April 30, at 6: Stop by and join, and then start adding books you think will be a good fit for the theme of the group. Tell all your Goodreads friends about it! April 30, at July 9, at Hi Lada — What a great organization and service you are providing for young readers and indie publishers serving that market. Thank you so much for your contributions, Alia. July 9, at 9: Please feel free to pass on the link to anyone who may benefit from joining us and encourage them to keep in touch.

July 22, at 2: Gosh, world is small! I just invented a bicycle — moved by the same desire to give the YA an alternative to violent and senseless e-pulp, I wrote a book Life in the Fifth Dimension — my envision of what new agers call the Fifth Dimension reality. I just liked to demonstrate that the world of love, joy, compassion, gratitude, and harmony with Mother-Earth may be as adventures as the world of fear, competition, and endless war between Good and Evil.

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Found you guys when looking for the network to market my book. July 23, at So wonderful to hear from you! I know what you mean about starting a new life writing books. Please check out instructions and examples in the comments above on how to do it. We will eventually do more collective promoting for our books, after we get more people participating, and when I have a bit more time.