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Learn to create a series of stories that pass on family values, help solve problems, and teach about your family traditions. TellerPaks are similar to kits. They help young people learn to become storytellers. For a little more than 17 years the Junior Storyteller quarterly publication printed one TellerPak a story, a craft to help tell it, and tips for telling in each issue.

Beginning in , the Kids' Storytelling Club website began to publish bimonthly TellerPaks on its website. Some of these TellerPaks were collected in books, some of them just got filed away as back issues of the Junior Storyteller , and some of them never got published. When the Junior Storyteller published its last issue in July, , young storytellers across the United States, their parents, teachers, and youth group leaders began asking where they could continue to get storytelling ideas for classes, workshops, and club meetings.

And how could they get them quickly? Storycraft Publishing began to go through its files of back issues of the Junior Storyteller and all those great ideas that never got a chance to get published to find the most popular, fun, and interesting projects. They put one, two, or three TellerPaks into Downloadable Booklets to make some of the best youth storytelling ideas from Storycraft's long history available to more people as quickly as possible.

Series of Downloadable Booklets. Available Now on Amazon. Series of Downloadable Booklets This Kindle series of e-books from Storycraft Publishing was created to provide quick and easy immediate information to help young storytellers become KidTellers. Clean Revolution The Iroquois Diplomat 3. For two years the city of Philadelphia has been celebrating its independence. For citizens of this brand new country, life is parties, meetings, debates and festivals - sometimes all blended together. Even before the war, American distrusted both the natives and the British.

Clean Revolution The Empire Builder 2. The Americans needed to be punished like children for their bad behavior. It would be his crowning glory, he thought. Get your copy of Revolution Song from W. Stitch Fix - Get started with a personal stylist when you visit them at StitchFix. Clean Revolution The Virginia Planter 1. You may be familiar with them.

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But what you may not know is that a skirmish between the British and French settlers, who colonized a strip of land lining the Mississippi River, is where a young George Washington made a serious war blunder that ultimately led to Revolution. Sleep Number - Visit SleepNumber. If you lived in an American city at the turn of the century, you got all of your news from a single source: No where was that more true than New York City; in the City, two papers ruled them all. You had the World and the Journal.

And then men behind them were the most famous newsmen in American History. They poured millions of dollars into the fight even when their advisors warned it could push them over the brink. And in the end, it very nearly did.

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This is just the beginning of this story. You can listen to the rest on Business Wars. Support us by supporting our show! JFK said that nothing in the s was " As the Apollo 11 flight neared, the entire nation waited, enraptured. Though the contest with the Soviets for technological superiority had always been a race, it was now a literal one - a U. Quip - Get your first refill pack free when you buy a brush, just visit them at GetQuip. America had never failed them.

And in , hope and faith in their country burned brighter than ever as NASA prepared to launch the first man into space. A month out from launch, that light was effectively snuffed. The Soviets beat them to it. On April 12, , cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the first person in space and the first person to orbit Earth.

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The world was in awe. And America was in shock. Sleep Number - Come into a sleep number store during their semi-annual sale and find a great deal on your new mattress. Find the location nearest you when you visit SleepNumber. Policy Genius - Go to PolicyGenius. Sputnik was still orbiting!

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The Soviets were winning! And Eisenhower wanted to know why. ZipRecruiter - Post your job for free by going to ZipRecruiter. Travel Portland - visit TravelPortland. Remember Werner von Braun? We talked a little bit about him in our Cold War series. First used to lob missiles and bombs all over Europe, von Braun always dreamed of something better for his rockets. As the Soviet and American forces were closing in on Germany to end the war, von Braun saw only one way out: Amid the wreckage of the Third Reich, the first leg of the Space Race would be a sprint to locate von Braun.

The phone in your hand is more powerful than all of the computers that put a man on the moon, combined. These are the leaps of mankind, as they happened. Introducing American Innovations from Wondery. The phrase captured the sense of inevitability—and entitlement—many citizens still feel. In the minds of white settlers moving westward, expansion was key to protecting American democracy. Those who did make it to California had Mexican governance to deal with - and they would deal with it however they saw fit to make California part of the United States.

We hope you enjoyed this arc on American History Tellers. Support us by supporting our sponsors: During the last years of Jackson's presidency, the economy flourished. The national debt was paid in full, industry and agriculture boomed. But when Martin Van Buren assumed the presidency, he inherited an economic disaster. The divide between rich and poor was growing and people were starting to lose their patience. The country was so on edge that the threat of increase in the price of flour caused riots in Manhattan. How this happened and more, in today's episode.

During his political rise, Jackson distinguished himself with his ability to exact ruthless military victories over indigenous people. As President Native Americans felt the brunt of this power. Whatever his achievements during his lifetime, his legacy is forever "Indian removal" from lands they'd originally inhabited to make way for white settlers. Find your local store by visiting them at SleepNumber. Clean Bonus Age of Jackson Recap 4. Catch up on what we covered in The Age of Jackson. New episodes of American History Tellers come out every Wednesday.

From the beginning, Jackson's administration was riddled with controversy. Citizens mobbed the White House on inauguration day, breaking furniture and fine china.

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They were only lured out with alcohol. And then there was the "Petticoat Affair. John was having an affair with a sailor's wife which started rumors around town There was widespread chaos and controversy and Jackson's term was just getting started. In the summer of , President James Monroe toured the country in an effort to unite the ever-growing United States, torn between bitter political battles that overshadowed national conflict. The appearance of political unity had already begun to crack in , when the Monroe administration faced its first serious political crisis: In August , the White House burned.

A fire that would eventually consume the entire nation in Civil War was already burning. This is Antebellum America. This is the adolescence of the United States, when the country grew at tremendous speed, and when fundamental questions about the kind of place it would be were being asked. Like, could the states put their individual differences aside to remain one country? And could this new country live up to its lofty ideals, especially when it came to issues like slavery or the treatment of Native Americans?

Welcome to the Age of Jackson. Zip Recruiter - Get a free trial and learn how to hire smarter when you visit them at ZipRecruiter. Clean Prohibition Interview with Lillian Cunningham 8. Do you know the record for the longest ratification period of any constitutional amendment? Audible - Get a day trial and a free audio book when you visit them at Audible. Quip - Get your first refill pack free when you visit them at GetQuip. Clean Prohibition - We Want Beer 7. The people had spoken: They wanted beer, and they wanted it now, but not just for drinking.

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Protestors wanted the jobs that came with breweries, and the country was desperate from the money that could come from alcohol taxes. As quickly as temperance organizations sprang up in the decade before, anti-Prohibition organizations appeared in every city. But, a constitutional amendment had never been repealed before. The anti-Prohibition leagues realized they needed someone bigger than a governor or mayor to repeal this. They went after the Presidency. Clean Prohibition - Down and Out 6. Closing Time by Daniel Francis provides a good account of the border wars and smuggling across the northern border.

Binder is a fantastic re-assessment of the period that sorts out some of the fact from fiction, in a highly mythologized period. Support this show by supporting our sponsors: Clean Prohibition - Poisoning the Well 5. The rise of the speakeasy was one of many unintended consequences of Prohibition - and others were much deadlier. Not coincidentally, at the same time Prohibition was taking effect, the Klu Klux Klan rose to power.

Most bootleg alcohol from the time had elements of stuff that would kill you. But people everywhere still wanted to drink - and they would go to any length to get one. Almost everyone could see there was a problem with how Prohibition was actually playing out, but no one could agree what the solution was. No Place of Grace by T. For more on the author of Elmer Gantry, Sinclair Lewis: Rebel from Main Street by Richard Lingerman is a great read. A few different articles have delved into the dirty political campaigns of the s, including this good summary by Mental Floss.

Clean Bonus Prohibition Recap 4. It's another bonus episode of American History Tellers!

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  6. You can catch up here. If you already listened to those episodes, you may hear something new Clean Prohibition - Speakeasy 3. Enterprising bootleggers found more ways to provide more alcohol to parched Americans — so much that there was finally enough supply to meet demand.

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    New drinking establishments popped up across the nation: Forced underground, these new types of saloons operated under new rules, too. Women drank right alongside the men, and both black and white patrons danced together to Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway, all while local cops shrugged or were paid off to look the other way. They went undercover, arresting thousands in stings that some claimed were entrapment. Increasingly, Federal agents took the job of enforcing Prohibition seriously.

    They had to; the business of illicit alcohol was growing dangerous — and violent. Griggs is an amazing resource that shows every single raid over in that city. Queen of the Nightclubs by Louise Berliner is also a fun read.