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There was only one problem… Back in , no one — not even Albert Einstein — had the technology to harness this infinite power. Finally, in , a solution. The way it works was a level of genius that would have made Einstein proud. When sunlight hits these conductors, energy particles are absorbed.

The New York Times stated that this new discovery was: Over the years, improvements were made. It worked fine for your hand-held calculator, but it would never heat your home. Cheaper than natural gas. And cheaper than oil. You want a strong, thriving economy? Well, this is the Holy Grail! Consequently, solar is growing leaps and bounds. Solar capacity has jumped fold in the U. In addition, the industry added jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy. But even if it did, sun power would still be cheaper.

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Let me repeat myself: The Sunlight is Free! Suddenly solar is now cheaper than oil, natural gas, coal, and even nuclear power in many areas. As you may know, the energy sector is responsible for some of the biggest fortunes in history. Paul Getty built their fortunes on oil. I could go on and on. The richest, sharpest people on the planet are loading up. I suggest you do the same. You see, we are at the genesis of a whole new world order. Not just in the energy sector, but in financial history. And the way it works is amazing. Si in the gas attaches to other Si particles, forming larger and larger beads.

These beads eventually drop out of the gas like rain… The beads are then melted and formed into wafer-thin slices of And the big thing: Let me repeat that: This company is supplying solar at 5 cents per KWH! No wonder every major player in the world is lining up to do business with this company.

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

The Saudis… The U. Department of Defense… Google… And many more are pouring billions into this tiny company! Can you blame them? And it makes perfect sense. The private sector is going all in as well. In Africa, where Senegalese-American recording artist Akon — a five-time Grammy nominee — has pledged to bring sun power to million people… This company has already landed five solar projects in South Africa, and has work underway in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Mozambique.

Think of an octopus, an ever-expanding octopus with arms, reaching around the globe, into every country, every utility company, every corporation… Every aspect of the rapidly expanding solar sector… and pulling out big fat profits. Already, early investors in solar have seen huge gains, including: Will you be one of the winners? The ramifications of this are rattling the industry. Not anymore… Now you can capture energy while the sun is shining, and then store it for use during the evenings or when the weather gets rough. No more power outages. No more meter readers… In essence, this gives consumers the key to the kingdom: Their very own power company!

When the company rolled out its new batteries, they expected a positive response. But what happened is nothing short of stunning. Imagine when the company replenishes its inventory and resumes shipping to the United States. This is a breakthrough that could revolutionize the solar industry — and mint millionaires in record time! This could double the effectiveness of solar — and create massive fortunes in the process! Sunlight-in-a-jug could be coming soon. And if this breaks the way we hope, people are going to get rich! Imagine slapping a new coat of paint on your house, and turning your home into a mini-power company.

Now imagine turning that dream into a reality for your car! That means no stops at the gas station because the fuel source is literally painted onto your vehicle. And the money to be made is breathtaking… Ultra-thin and flexible solar cells! The solar cells are incredibly flexible and lightweight, making for endless applications in both the military and commercial sector. No need for fuel. Your car could one day run on the power generated by the road itself! These breakthroughs are just the beginning.

In fact, there are five companies out there right now that sound great.

The Swedish recycling revolution

It will outline the five solar investments you need to avoid like the plague. Now, let me show one more opportunity that you need to give serious consideration. I want to tell you right up front, this company is highly speculative. Think of all the windows in Manhattan alone… Then consider all the windows across the United States: For investors willing to take a flyer, this highly speculative play offers phenomenal potential. Please understand… This company is for real. But let me make this absolutely clear: This company is highly speculative.

Point is, this will be a wild ride. But for folks looking to supercharge their portfolios, this could be a monster homerun. How high could it go? No one can predict the future. But I can tell you this: Plus my insights on emerging shifts and trends in energy you could play for triple-digit short-term wins …Or longer-term scores of as much as 10, 15, even 20 times your money or more.

These cover especially timely or relevant big-picture themes. Things like new energy trading techniques, like how to short coal or oil, along with urgent details on new investments. That's the best part. No More Electric Bills! Now, you may be wondering if YOU should start taking advantage of sun power for yourself — getting off the grid and powering your own home for free… And even make a bundle selling your own electricity! The report will tell you everything you need to know to live off the sun, including: And so much more!

If you follow the news, you know a severe water shortage is currently plaguing California. What you may not know is that million people around the world lack access to clean water. In fact, , people die each year from a lack of clean water. The money to make from life-saving solar water is exceptional. And with very good reason.

Smart meters: an energy-saving revolution or just plain dumb?

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind service, unavailable anywhere else. I know all the players personally. I talk with them on a regular basis. How much is a resource like this worth? When you think of all you get, it makes perfect sense. The Solar Survival Guide: Claim Your Own Energy Freedom! The Top 5 Plays! These are the kinds of plays that can create tremendous riches, very quickly. Go now to our secure Energy Advantage Membership form.

We are at the precipice of a whole new world. Even if the experts are only part right, this offers an unprecedented opportunity. Every country on the planet, including the U. At this point, it is hoped, consumers who have so far held off can go ahead and get a meter, knowing it should work seamlessly if they switch supplier.

It looks as though it could take years rather than months, and in many regions will not be possible until Dr Tania Mathias MP, interim chair of the science and technology select committee, says: That will only fuel critics of the expensive project. Meanwhile, security experts at GCHQ have been involved in the design of the meters and the back-office system to prevent the possibility of hacking, the big fear being someone managing to take over the system and hold it to ransom.

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Evinrude E-TEC includes both new technologies and improvements to existing technologies. We've built these technologies onto existing and proven - durable, reliable platforms. For example, our 2-cylinder 40 through 60 horsepower Evinrude E-TEC outboards are built on the mid-section and gear case of the 55 horsepower Commercial series outboards. In fact, the Commercial outboards are the basis for the outboards the U. Navy Seal Teams and U. Marine Corps Recon Teams rely upon during their assigned missions.

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  6. E-TEC is not an acronym, it doesn't stand for anything. E-TEC is the name we have chosen to apply to this new technology. Evinrude E-TEC is the best of both technologies. It provides the quiet, efficiency and cleanliness many customers associate with the 4-stroke outboards, combined with the torque, throttle response, quick acceleration and raw power associated with the 2-stroke outboard.

    The technology is considered 2-Stroke, Direct Injection. Evinrude E-TEC uses several new technologies. It is not a solenoid type injector, like the Evinrude DI models Bombardier began producing for the model year. This injector design requires less operating current to activate, meaning we are able to use smaller electronics which operate at cooler temperatures. Cooler running electronics equates to durability. The injector has fewer parts and requires fewer tight tolerances, which lowers manufacturing costs.

    This alloy has proven to be 2 to 3 times stronger at operating temperature than the aluminum alloys pistons are traditionally made with. The internal design of the block the intake, exhaust and transfer ports doesn't require machining "port windows" into the piston. This combined with the new alloy, increase the piston strength and durability.

    We still use the time-proven method of lost-foam casting our engine blocks, which are then CNC machined for accuracy. Chrome faced piston rings, Boron-Nitride Honed bores, micro-ground crankshafts and large over-sized bearings contribute to the low-friction design. The connecting rods are taken from the 60 degree engine family. As stated earlier, there are improvements too. Additionally, our Engineering Team has incorporated diagnostic LED's into the housing, allowing basic troubleshooting to be performed without diagnostic software. Our Engineers designed a new air intake system for these engines.

    The intake system serves to quiet engine noise. An idle air by-pass tube supplies air to the crankcase at low rpm. There are no holes machined into the throttle plates, therefore no whistle sound at idle. Innovative baffling in the air silencer box cancels resonant noises.

    The Rocket Horse: A New Age Adventure

    Unlike other manufacturers' outboards, there's no distinctive "pucka-pucka-pucka" sound of an air compressor, or any belt whine, or any cam chain noise - we don't use them. The through models are available in a 20 inch shaft version which weighs pounds, a 25 inch shaft version which weighs pounds and a 30 inch shaft version which weighs pounds.

    On 40 through 90 models, the system will supply 3 to 5 amps at idle speed and can provide up to 25 amps at higher rpm. On the V6 models, the system provides 10 amps at idle and up to 50 amps at higher rpm. A battery is not required to run the rope start models. However, if you have electrical accessories you want to operate and would like to take advantage of the charging system, the capability is already there.

    In the event of a battery failure with an electric start model, the engine can be rope started and run without the battery. Simply put, just like any rope start motor, it generates its own electricity. To make a comparison, lets discuss the electrical system of a carbureted 25 horsepower 2-stroke for a moment. The basic system design has been around for over 25 years. Underneath its flywheel is a single charge coil, which produces the voltage to operate the ignition system.

    There's also a very small stator to provide electrical power for AC Lighting or optional battery charging and, there's a sensor coil which provides the ignition timing. Since Evinrude E-TEC doesn't need a charge coil or a sensor coil because these functions are controlled by the EMM , a full-diameter stator which uses more windings compared to the 25 model above, is employed. Powerful rare earth magnets are used on the flywheel and, by adapting our patented switching stator technology, the stator is able to generate more current at lower rpm. The voltage required to turn on and "boot up" the EMM is delivered in a few milli-seconds.

    By integrating pulse width modulation technology which has been used on electric trolling motors for decades , we are able to power up the electric fuel pump and not put an excessive demand on the electrical system while starting the motor.