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Along with this, the death of two remaining kinsmen of the Beaufort line made Henry Tudor as the only surviving male having any lineal claim to the House of Lancaster. His paternal uncle, Jasper Tudor, the Earl of Pembroke, started looking after the 13 year old widow, Lady Margaret, and the new-born Henry. After fallout with Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick in , who went on to back the Lancastrians, Herbert was captured and executed.

While his mother began promoting him as the credible replacement of the then King of England, Richard III, Henry Tudor took pledge on December 25, to marry Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter and the only surviving heir of Edward IV, thus receiving the reverence of his adherents. Two significant revolts broke out against Richard III. His coronation took place on October 30, , in Westminster Abbey.

Henry VII then wasted no time to honour his pledge of marrying Elizabeth of York and entered into wedlock with her on January 18, With this he not only succeeded in unifying the conflicting houses of Lancaster and York symbolising such unification by the Tudor rose comprising red rose of Lancaster and white rose of York , but also secured a stronger claim for his children to the throne.

Although Henry VII did not have any early estate management experience like his predecessors, he proved to be a provident monarch fiscally and succeeded in establishing a stable financial administration restoring the wealth of the exchequer that was effectively bankrupt. He ensured better tax collection by initiating rigorous tax mechanisms which however remained unpopular. Later, when his son Henry VIII ascended the throne, the new monarch executed the two most detested tax collectors, Edmund Dudley and Richard Empson charged with treason.

The measurement system of Pound Avoirdupois was established as a standard which not only became part of the system of imperial units but also remains a part of the International pound units that prevail today.

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He backed the wool industry of the island that ultimately involved him in alum trade in He licensed ships and sold alums to the Low Countries and in England that were acquired from the Ottoman Empire, thus making a once expensive commodity cheaper. He made efforts in maintaining harmony and economic prosperity of his kingdom and in that pursuit signed several treaties including the Treaty of Medina del Campo with nascent Spain on March 26, that led to the marriage of his son Arthur Tudor to Catherine of Aragon; the Treaty of Etaples with France on November 3, ; and the Treaty of Perpetual Peace with Scotland in This marked the most thriving economic achievement of Henry VII.

He had eight children from Elizabeth of York. He lost Arthur, Prince of Wales, his first son and heir-apparent on April 2, while Elizabeth died on February 11, which left him grief-stricken.

Henry VII of England

On April 21, , he succumbed to tuberculosis at the Richmond Palace and was interred beside his wife at the Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth of York British.

Edward V of England British. Edward IV of England British. His father, Edmund Tudor, had died two months earlier and his mother, Margaret Beaufort, was just thirteen. Henry was born into a country divided by conflict.

King Henry VIII

He belonged to one branch of the Plantagenet Royal Family, the House of Lancaster, who were fighting another branch, the House of York, for control of the throne — the so-called Wars of the Roses. Mindful of Henry's vulnerability, Margaret entrusted her son to the care of his uncle, Jasper Tudor.

Other famous people alive at the time of King Henry VIII

Many Lancastrians died or were executed as a result of the battle. Jasper fled with Henry to France. Henry was now the leading Lancastrian claimant to the English crown, and saw his support grow. He promised his supporters that if he became king he would marry Edward IV's daughter, Elizabeth of York; a move that would unite the warring houses of York and Lancaster, the opposing sides in the Wars of the Roses.

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  • In , Henry landed at Milford Haven. Having secured parliamentary recognition of his title as King of England he married Elizabeth of York thus uniting the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

    Henry VII | king of England |

    He adopted the Tudor rose as the emblem of England, combining the white rose of York with the red rose of Lancaster to symbolise an end to the dynastic war. Henry VII's grip on power was far from secure. His claim to the throne was shaky and he was plagued by plots and conspiracies. He consolidated his position with a treaty with France that opened up trade between the two countries.

    His most important treaty was the 'Magnus Intercursus' or 'Great Intercourse', signed with the Netherlands, securing England's textile exports.