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And this mix of hearty vegetables and protein-packed chickpeas over couscous —— infused with Far East spices —— is sure to melt chilly hands while filling hungry bellies. Top with crunchy tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream, and enjoy a no-fuss dinner. To lighten this up further, enjoy the beef on top of a kale salad, romaine lettuce or quinoa. The pressure cooker delivers incredibly tender chicken deeply infused with garlic and soy sauce.

Simply add the ingredients and voila: Serve with basmati rice and naan. Tyler Florence's pot roast, perfumed with aromatic vegetables and herbs, is classic comfort at its most familiar. Slow-cook the beef for hours to maximize flavor and tenderness. Brisket comes in two different cuts: Depending on which you get, your corned beef may be tender and sliceable flat cut or very tender and falling apart point cut. If your meat isn't labeled, speak with the butcher about which variety your grocery store stocks.

Taking the time to make a smooth, thick gravy for this slow-cooked dinner is worth it. As the pot roast cooks, the water and juices from the vegetables and meat will thin the gravy out, creating just the right consistency. Frozen peaches make this dessert a favorite at any time of year. Alton Brown cooks them with a crumble mixture and serves with a scoop of ice cream.

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This meaty slow-cooker chili makes a great weeknight meal. Throw everything into the slow cooker and you'll end up with tender beef chuck mixed with other hearty flavors in this go-to stew.

This slow-cooker version of the classic soup is super-easy to make. Chicken thighs are best here, as they're less expensive than breasts and tend to not dry out. If you like, skip the noodles and stir in your favorite cooked grain at the end. Pork shoulder becomes pull-apart tender when cooked on low for eight hours. Potatoes and veggies make it a complete meal. Black beans soak up the rich flavor of a presmoked turkey leg in this no-hassle soup. Sandra browns her brisket on the stove and then places it in a warm slow cooker to finish cooking.

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If you have a hot piece of meat, you have to put it in a warmed-up slow cooker so you don't crack the sleeve. Sandra's soup requires just 15 minutes of prep time before simmering in a slow cooker. Break out your slow cooker to make one of Ree Drummond's favorite soups. Canned tomatoes, chicken broth, chipotle peppers and loads of spices create the soup's base, which is brimming with chicken and black beans. What's the secret ingredient in this sauerbraten?

Mole can be an intimidating sauce to make for tacos. By adding spices that include chile powder, cocoa powder and Chinese five-spice powder to a slow cooker, you'll have a mole-inspired sauce without the fuss. Cook beef stew meat with thyme, ginger and more spices to get an incredibly flavorful dish. The long-simmered stovetop sauce your grandma used to make is simplified with the help of a slow cooker.

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This version showcases tomatoes in three different ways for a rich, familiar flavor. A steaming bowl of this meaty stew is the perfect companion for a cold night. Italian sausage, smoky tomatoes and Parmesan rind create a rich broth without complicating the shopping list. This dish's name means "old clothes" in Spanish because the skirt steak or flank steak used in the dish is shredded before serving.

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Rub beef brisket with brown sugar, chili powder, cumin, celery salt, garlic, and salt and pepper before smothering in ketchup, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and then cooking for eight hours. Top this beefy chili with cheese, scallions and avocado. Let your slow cooker transport you to the French countryside with this hearty beef stew that's flavored with herbes de Provence, cognac and sun-dried tomato tapenade.

Make taco night a snap by slow-cooking pork shoulder in citrus, pineapple and achiote paste. Once the pork's shredded, fire up the flavor even more with quick-pickled onions and habaneros. Alton gives his pork chops a briny peppercorn and brown sugar bath before they hit the slow cooker. Dried apples and thyme infuse the meat while it's braising, resulting in deeply flavored pork that's fall-off-the-bone tender. This easy-to-make cake has the best parts of a soft, warm brownie: It takes almost no time to prep and gives you the excuse to use your slow cooker for something sweet.

Brown sugar, rum and butter create a caramelized banana topping for this moist cake that's best served warm with a dollop of ice cream. The Pioneer Woman gets a head start on dinner by loading the makings of a core-warming white chili into her slow cooker. Brimming with chicken, beans, sweet corn, peppers and spices, it's best served with a dollop of sour cream, extra cheese and cilantro, plus warm corn tortillas on the side.

Trisha's four-ingredient dessert is super easy to make. Layer peanuts, sweet chocolate squares, semisweet chocolate chips and white almond bark before slow cooking into a creamy mixture that can be dropped into cupcake liners for a hand-held treat. Perfect on a cold winter's day, this short rib soup borrows from the Korean palate with restorative flavors like garlic, ginger and red chili paste. The slow-cooked beef melts in your mouth, and the fresh spritz of cilantro and lime at the end balances everything out.

Draping paper towels over the top of the slow cooker helps absorb extra moisture and keeps this sweet, caramelized cake from getting soggy. We line the insert with a double layer of foil to prevent burning around the edges. Sandra covers pork shoulder in a homemade dry rub before pouring a sauce over the meat and cooking on low for eight hours. This colorful cobbler is very juicy, but the sweetened berry "sauce" is so delicious it's worth spooning up.

Comfort Food Recipes

If you don't have time to make the sour cream topping, a sprinkle of confectioners' sugar or a dollop of vanilla yogurt works well, too. This is the perfect dessert for a crisp autumn day. Be sure to use large baking apples such as Rome or Golden Delicious — they'll have just the right tenderness.

Enjoy leftovers for breakfast the next day with a dollop of Greek yogurt. This slow-cooked cobbler makes great use of frozen peaches and is so easy to put together. Add some toasted, chopped pecans for a little Southern flair. Stale bread works best for this pudding; it's soaked in a whiskey-laced custard and cooked until puffy. Turn fresh apples into apple butter with just a few spices, apple juice, applesauce and sugar.

Store the butter and use on hot biscuits, toast or scones. These comforting beans are sweet, succulent and loaded with chicken-apple sausages. The slow-cooking process tenderizes the beans while deepening all the dark barbecue flavors. For a bit of homemade comfort, nestle into a warm bowl of curried chicken. Cauliflower and chickpeas add heartiness and heft, while lentils help to thicken the stew without the use of flour. Slow-cook boneless chicken thighs in a spiced-up blend of fire-roasted tomatoes, chipotle chiles and cumin for a big-flavored, fuss-free meal best topped with cheese, avocado and cilantro.

4 Easy Slow Cooker Dinners

The best part of this chili recipe? You just toss everything in the slow cooker and let it go. But be sure to leave the chili powder until the end; this ensures that the spices remain bright and vibrant rather than dull and bitter. Curry powder is the secret ingredient in this easy slow-cooked soup. It adds to the depth of flavor and turns the soup golden yellow.