Manual Wii Games For Women You Don’t Want to Miss

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The games that made us say ‘whee!’ on the Wii U

When it came out in I missed out on The Legend of Zelda: By then my Wii was already packed away. Will Skyward Sword be the only Zelda game we can't download and play?

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Likewise, Wii Sports was a global phenomenon for a while. Nintendo refusing to follow the rest of the industry and instead striking out on its own with the Nintendo DS and Wii made the company billions of dollars and was undeniably a winning strategy. Touch screens taking over the smartphone industry gave many DS classics a second life. Wii games with deep motion control integration are trickier, however. Before it was even launched, the Wii U suffered from poor communication with regards to its purpose and unique selling points. Even when it was released, the console struggled to boost its sales partly because of its high cost and partly because of its relatively underwhelming game library at launch.

The 14 best games on Wii U

That said, it wasn't all bad. The system had its fair share of gems that are definitely worth your time and attention.

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Plus, now that the Wii U is tagging the Nintendo Switch and being dragged out of the ring by a disappointed Nintendo, this is the perfect time to pick up the little console that tried for yourself and experience the great games that it did have. Mario Kart 8 is without a doubt the best and most polished racing game Nintendo has released in a long time.

Giving Old Games New Life

For anyone that loves getting their friends round for multiplayer gaming this is a title is a perfect choice. Why not try New Super Mario Bros. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was already a great and beautiful game when it was released on the Gamecube but the Wii U is probably the best possible way to experience it thanks to its re-mastered graphics and improved gameplay.

In Wind Waker you take Link around Hyrule long after a great flood, exploring the stunning open world while solving puzzles and defeating bosses. One of the most significant improvements is Swift Sail, which greatly improves on the sailing mechanic of the original game so if that was something you detested, this game is a good way to try again.

What do we mean by that?

Top 10 Wii games for Christmas | Technology | The Guardian

Super Mario Maker is your chance, bringing to gaming what fanfiction brings to, well, everything apparently. In Super Mario Maker you design your very own Mario levels, making them as challenging as possible and then you play through them yourself or allow others to play through them. The aim is to use their unique abilities in clever ways to explore the game world, discover treasures and grow your army even larger to take on more challenging tasks. Bayonetta is not a title for everyone but if you loved the first game in the series, or you just love fast-paced hardcore action games in general, Bayonetta 2 is a must-have.

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It brings back the intense combat and ridiculous character designs of the first game, but throws in all new weapons and abilities to keep things interesting. Despite its cute and entertaining surface, this is a genuinely challenging platformer with wonderfully individual visuals, fun deep levels, and plenty of collectibles to gather and secrets to uncover.

It also has the Yarn Yoshi amiibo behind it, which is probably one of the best amiibo out there. This game riskily takes the Pokemon and Tekken formulae and smashes them together with a surprisingly satisfying outcome. Now, however, we see the moves actually hit their target. We see Pokemon two-on-two battles which involve actual battling.

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Pokken Tournament includes the exciting battle elements of the mainline Pokemon games, but eases up on the mechanical elements of Tekken which strikes a nice complexity balance and provides rich combat that will entertain fighting fans and newcomers alike.