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The Great Vivian's Songs & Sketches. Ten Thousand Miles Away. The Treadmill Song.

Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. She spoke of my dear old mother, and I wish that she were near. They tell that she's now sleeping in a lonely new-made grave. My poor old aged mother whose hair had turned to gray. As years roll on before me, I'll sometimes kneel and pray.

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For the banks of the lonely river, ten thousand miles away. So blame me not for weeping, and blame me not I pray. I miss my aged mother, ten thousand miles away. Abrahams, Louisiana State University Press, MIDI tune available on request. At the beginning of the sheet music is "Written and composed by J.

Ten Thousand Miles Away

The first line of the chorus is "So blow the winds, Heigh-ho," rather than So blow the winds, I. Geohagen was an American comedian, last half of the 19th c. He was a professional performer, songwriter and music hall manager, born and died, in Lancashire. He was 72 years old.

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I can't find him on the census, though I suspect the enumerator may have had trouble with the spelling of his surname! Catchy song, that John Barleycorn, I always wondered who wrote it ;-.

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I haven't checked to see if it actually is "The Roving Journeyman. Down in a coal mine Composer: Mountain Pete Angel Arranger: Chicago Date of publication: Piano, Voice and Chords First Line: I am a jovial collier lad, and blithe as blithe can be, for Chorus First Line: Down in a coal mine, underneath the ground where a gleam of Genre: Popular song Subject term: I have mis-spelled the name Geoghegan, leaving out the second 'g'- it is Geoghagan in the "Scottish Student's Song Book. Sorry for the confusion.

Fowke and Glazer state "Down in a Mine" was written in Geoghagan, printed by W.

Ten Thousand Miles Away - Song of America Song of America

Since the American printing is a collection, the song probably is a little earlier than that date. The sheet music by Calumet is a reprint.

Ten Thousand Miles Away From: See other discussions here for more detail. Origins and variants [ edit ] In his Shanties from the Seven Seas Hugill says that this was originally a shore ballad sung by street singers in Ireland in the early nineteenth century. Ten Thousand Miles Away.

The Scottish Students' Song Book sixth ed. Retrieved from " https: Sea shanties Year of song unknown.

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