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Given the constraints of her curse, she has to be asexual, celibate despite her desires, or lesbian. Generally, it just doesn't come up, and the constraints of celibacy don't appear to be an issue - except in other people's eyes, given most people believe she is a man. However, she is revealed as a lesbian in a few of the stories for example, in 'The Incompetent Magician', when she discovers an old beloved trapped in an enchantment , so feel free to read as much subtext into the rest of her stories as you wish!

She murmured, "I know not -" and then, as if waking from deep sleep, she rubbed her eyes and cried out, "Ah, I thought I heard a voice that once I knew - Lythande, is it you? Was it you who enchanted me here, because I turned from you to the love of another? Sadly all are out of print, with the exception of a couple of republished versions, although all are still available secondhand.

You can pick up most of the short stories as separate Kindle eBooks, but not the very first ones. An Anthology of Fantasy , ed. Lythande assumes she's safe as she is not vulnerable to the desires of the heart anymore He also bears a magical lute enchanted to keep him always on the move.

He hires Lythande to free him when he suddenly inherits the throne, and she takes the lute - and is swept by it into a variety of adventures. Mcintyre not available as an eBook Lythande comes to the rescue of the wild youth Satan. Written from the perspective of his friend, a woman. Shadows of Sanctuary , ed. A Magic Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic, ed. The Mammoth Book of Sorcerers' Tales: To Kill the Undead available as an eBook Lythande is hired by some villagers to hunt down the undead being that was killing their sheep.

Richard Gilliam, Martin H. The siren loses its attractive appearance at the end, snapping Lythande out of its enthrallment. Both Lythande and the siren show off hypnotic music magic.

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Lythande sings and enthralls most of the town. The siren causes people, mostly men, to come to it by singing. This story shows some of Lythande's backstory, where she and another girl had a relationship. For the other girl it was a phase and she grew out of it; Lythande did not. McIntyre ; Lythande is a borrowed character. Its canonicity isn't certain; MZB consulted to make sure it fit the character and it was included in the original collection, but it is not in the The Complete Lythande. Crapsack Only by Comparison: A group of people come to Sanctuary and find it appalling. This is not so unusual Sanctuary is a Wretched Hive after all but the reason is that the place they come from is idyllic: Group relationships seem to be normal in Kaimas.

He was named 'Satan' after the caption on a painting of a fiery angel, with no understanding of the connotations. Welcome to the Big City: Four naive Northerners encounter the rough and crude denizens of the city of Sanctuary. One local tries to hire a female party member as a prostitute, and another woman is almost raped and murdered when she goes out alone. What Could Have Been: An early draft of the story had Lythande agreeing to live in Kaimas with Westerly and the others. MZB did not want the character to be permanently reformed and made happy!

To undo a curse, Lythande accompanies Eirthe through a barrier around a volcano, only for it to demand a virgin sacrifice. The only virgin around is Lythande. Appease the Volcano God: Invoked by the volcano itself; once they pass through the barrier, the volcano says they must sacrifice the virgin with them to stop it from erupting. Alnath, Eirthe's pet fire elemental , is a salamander who hangs out on her wrist. She seems to like Lythande.

The Complete Lythande, by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The volcano turns out to be able to speak and demand its own sacrifice. The volcano demands a virgin, specifically, be tossed in. Take a Third Option: Given the choice "be sacrificed to the volcano or be killed when the volcano erupts and kills everyone", Lythande figures out a way to feed the volcano a different "virgin" - a magic candle shaped like a woman. Lythande comes to the kingdom of Tashgan the heir from "The Wandering Lute" for his wedding ten years later. The most commonly-mentioned restriction on Lythande, that she may never eat or drink in sight of a man, is apparently completely forgotten for this story, and she eats and drinks at the feast.

Lythande crosses path with the child of Rastafyre the Incompe Incomparable from "The Incompetent Magician" , who shows she inherited his talents. The innkeeper transforms travelers into pigs, and then slaughters those pigs for food.

Tropes applying to Lythande or the stories in general:

The proprietess serves humans turned into pigs to the inn's visitors. Inn of No Return: The proprietor of the inn is a witch who drugs, transforms, and slaughters the customers. The "pork" returns to visibly human meat as soon as the witch who turned the visitors into pigs is dead. Magic in this story is described as being rather Literal-Minded. She sneezes while saying "May it be so", and thus curses someone with sneezes. The banishing spell relies on a pentagram drawn on the floor.

The wuzzles are banished through certain candles, on certain places, with a certain spell. Lythande even teaches the farmer the spell; he grumbles and says he could have done that. Put on a Bus: Frennet, the girl Lythande picked up in "The Walker Behind", who knows Lythande's secret and is not really smart enough or sophisticated enough to keep it successfully, and who could be a large enough problem that Lythande considers killing her to keep the secret, ends the story conveniently and happily married off to a guy in town while Lythande wanders off again.

Lythande has never heard of "wuzzles" before being called on to get rid of them; every time she thinks of them it's in the form of "— what was it, wuzzles —" or similar in the middle of the sentence. The Footsteps of Retribution.

After the reveal of the vampire's identity and circumstances, Lythande counsels the town to be less petty and give the dead their due in the future so that such things don't happen. Due to the Dead: The vampire is revealed to have been a townsman who committed suicide and was buried in unhallowed ground. He returned as a vampire because of this improper burial. No Man of Woman Born: Lythande tells the townspeople she will not be able to kill a vampire, because it is already dead. This turns out to be true - however, should that which is dead be returned to life, it can then be killed.

Our Vampires Are Different: The vampire is described as being a creature of pure magic unaccustomed to even being in human form anymore. Then it veers back into "our vampires are traditional", because the vampire turns out to have been a man who died of suicide and was buried in unhallowed ground. Once reduced back to human form, the vampire is immediately attempting to change shape again. The winter seems to have been extended because music in all its forms was outlawed, and she plays and sings her song, bringing spring back to the land.

The evil nature of the world is revealed by a disgusting metallic sun Lythande finds absolutely abhorrent. Lythande thinks of them as separate entities, but interchangeably, and what is described as and seems to be a dinosaur breathes fire, which dinosaurs are not known to be able to do Excalibur in the Stone: As this story was written for and published originally in an anthology about Excalibur, the unnamed sword Lythande finds and draws from the stone is implicitly Excalibur.

Lythande is carrying a crucifix, despite pointedly not being of the religion, and it proves to be a powerful force of good that hides the nature of the evil surroundings as long as she has it.

The Complete Lythande, by Marion Zimmer Bradley | Reviews of Early Reviewers Books | LibraryThing

The story has a couple errors within its own continuity, but it also states that Lythande has never carried a sword, which is explicitly false - she has a sword in "The Secret of the Blue Star", "Somebody Else's Magic" is all about her carrying a sword unwillingly, and in the latter she is skilled enough with the sword to show she has used one willingly in the past.

Lythande finds there to be something subtly wrong and disturbing about everyone she sees in the town. What Happened to the Mouse? The sword, once drawn, is completely forgotten when she escapes. It should still be in her hand while going down the stairs, but it is not there or mentioned again once back in the real world.


Lythande and the other Adept are turned into dogs. A common vow binding the Pilgrim Adepts is that no man may ever see food or drink pass their lips. Lythande chooses to take this extremely literally and snatch bites of food while the male Adept is looking elsewhere. The ghost seems to be of the Tybe B, "kill the living", variety, though all she managed to do is frighten and inconvenience them.

She is described as having been a wicked woman in life. The wandering priest's staff returns them to human form. They are returned to human form by merely touching the staff of a startled passing priest. They attempt to undo the curse by following old wive's tales about running certain directions or numbers of times around gallows and eating certain plants. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Spoilers about Lythande in general.

The Malice of the Demon. A vain queen demands Lythande summon a demon for her. The Secret of the Blue Star. Pilgrim Adepts are bound by many vows, the most important of which is the secret that is the key to their power; should any man learn their secret, they will lose their power and be worth nothing but death. Lythande is hired to retrieve a magician's stolen magic wand. Lythande comes to a minor heir to a kingdom who has suddenly inherited the throne, who is unfortunately bound on his route as a Wandering Minstrel by an enchanted lute that keeps him moving.

A dying priestess bequeaths her magic sword to Lythande, and Lythande has to pass as a woman to return it to where it belongs. A siren has been terrorizing a fishing village, and Lythande agrees to get rid of it. This story was written for Thieves' World by Vonda N. The Virgin and the Volcano. This story is a crossover with the character Eirthe, created by Elizabeth Waters. The Gratitude of Kings.

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The Children of Cats. When being stalked by a supernatural entity, Lythande takes shelter in a wayside inn, and seems to have gone from the frying pan into the fire. Lythande comes into a village and is tasked with getting rid of "wuzzles". To Kill The Undead. Lythande must find a way to rid a town of a vampire, but since vampires are already dead, it seems impossible.

To Drive the Cold Winter Away.